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Pemeran Californication

It’s a mixed of shocking plot with hipocrisy of organic value system, focusing in male- female relationship waving around family values. Hank Moody, a portrait of bad boys with adult male appearance become the main point of view . His sexual adventure, which is so “Cassanova-like” or “Alpha male– syndrome” blended with a “Family man” position place a conflict of interest inside of him, his family, and among all of his sex partners.

A bold connection with Freudian, Dawkins “Selfish Gene”, and popular Men- Women distinction literature, is that sex must be fun ? Is sex as an instrument for human races to maintain it’s existence only ? Do an engaged male gain more sex appeal than single male in female perspectives ? Do swinger enjoy the guilty pleasure ? Is it any conflict between public values and private values on sex ? How to flirt any female gently ? Is that flirting able to destruct previous relationship ? How to talk to family regarding our scandalous life, and beginning a new era ? And so on.

Yeah, that’s a list of  question I made during joyfull and distress situation watching Californication. It’s just a movie, but it’s a fragment of empirical life in some culture. I don’t want to judge, that’s an awesome picture and socio- cultural input, apparently for me.

Note : By the way, the movie so catchy with barenaked ladies, just protect your vision, it’s so distracting with full of guilty pleasure, so inevitable.

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This entry was posted on September 25, 2011 by in Review.
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