Usual Storyline


The System

It’s all in coincidence. The Noah’s survived descendants from great flood ( narratively); Semitic, Hamitic, and Japhetic were the main builder human genealogy for the transition line between hunter- gatherer civilization into agriculture civilization, based on Abraham’s/ Ibrahim’s prophecy toward the concept of God and law of social structure/ civilized mankind. There must be a bold line between the order of hunter versus the law of farmer, the law of resource maintenance, to support mankind population, so they didn’t extinct.


Years of 600- 1450 were the era of what so called as “Moslem Golden Age”, the era of interest free civilization became the main narration of mankind order. The era of global credit based currency, wait, Moslemdom? Why not Christendom or Jewishdom or Pagan? Was there any difference? I don’t think so, there was Semitic, Hamitic, and Japhetic, remember? Were they real or just fiction? Dunno.

You don’t have to be a Moslem to enjoy the Islamic civil law though. It’s just like you don’t need to become the citizen of US to use US dollar as transaction currency. You don’t need to obey the law of Indonesia, to use the Indonesian Rupiah. Even most mankind’s pray, usually they ask for currency, right? No? And after man gain currency, they will praise the God, right? No?




So, interest versus free interest, slavery ( as law) versus freedom ( with order). Which one do you prefer? Which side are you standing at?

So, there does exist connection between human genealogy, the survival method of mankind, law- order, moral standard values, civil transition, prophecy, currency method, and technology evolution? Maybe yes, or no, that’s depend on your intelligence to connecting the dots and amount of information supply.


It’s all in coincidence! Yeah right, ignorance is bliss, curiosity may kill you though.

Owh crap!

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