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Consciously Instinctive

The biggest mistake of religious scholars and academic intellectuals is their own deductive logic, that human consciousness ( of reasoning) is always morally better, and should be positioned more superior, than human primal instinct.

Our consciousness is not more superior than our primal instinct Dude, both of it are attached equipment for our own species survival sake. Whether your like it or not, we are born to live our life with it.

Mankind will face the constant internal conflict, between our own consciousness of reasoning and primal instinct, face it as our curse, or gift, that’s up to you though.

We may have a dream of peaceful human population, each of us living together in harmony, with the reasoning ability and moral consciousness as our attached culture. But demonizing your own primal instinct is always the biggest mistake, while we are living as a bunch of people, we call it as society.

Society is just another imagined community, it’s existing in our own imaginative conscious mind, while the other fellow animal and vegetables plantation don’t recognize it.

Human is a part of animal kingdom brotherhood, full with primal instinct, moving bipedal, with upper and lower body in balance, and having conciousness of reasoning. We are still part of the ecosystem, don’t act as if you’re an angel or son of god, be a human, meet our deduction with our own inductive logic, act as human.

Shit happens everytime, when you’re living with fellow mankind species. Trust me Dude, that’s the reality of life at human society, tiny creatures with huge ego,  it’s suck as usual, so enjoy and peace with it.

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