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Entrepreneurship campaign for fellow highly educated youth, by rent seeker cum corporate raider actor, so awkward and oxymoronic Indonesian as usual.

That rich kid from Forbes, and big company from Fortune list, they get their initial capital and main income from combining source Dude, just keep dreaming if you compare your company or yourself with them. The journalist from business and economic magz may don’t know the difference, but people keep read their report, and it may cause mass misleading.

Just wondering, how do they distinguised the Soto Lamongan or Pecel Lele Wonogiri or Bakso Malang entrepreneur, with high tech Silicon Valley entrepreneur? Or they may don’t know the risk factor, credit backup, and investment option, behind their business? Still wondering …

The ” survival for life oriented” entrepreneur is not the same with ” IPO at BEJ trading floor oriented” entrepreneur ( if any). You may call them startup company with common legal entity, but their company life destiny will not the same Dude, they face the different risk and uncertainty.

For fellow startup entrepreneur with no Indonesian monetary policy map, lack of market access, and low access from banking cartel, just be positive and realistic. Maintain your cash management health, keep your financial strategy on the line track, build a positive mindset within your crew, and slowly but sure develop your company in sustainable way.

The ersatz capitalism of Asia is not the same with US or Western Europe capitalism, we are living in a fake capitalism system Dude, since 1971. Capitalism rule of market law won’t run smoothly while some ruling faction maintain their monopoly with political ties, and politician as the guarding Doberman.

The substantial and elementary macro economic factor and legal game rule of law still need to be reformed, if we are serious building a cultural entrepreneurship and wealth distribution here.

But still, just stay positive, stay low profile, maintain the company growth, life must keep on going. There will be something nice someday, maybe, who knows? Low tax, stable currency, it will require political stability and clear domestic investment rule of game.


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