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Hereditary Paradox

Hereditary for intelligence is linear with hereditary for sport athlete, it will meet the merit system as long as the environment condition is strictly under control.

That’s why the “hereditary” proponent avoid the condition with high risk or uncertainty, they know they won’t perform well at their level with such condition, and that’s the condition of real life with real human interaction. Human behave with random thinking and fuzzy logic, while the human interaction will become complexity of randomness.

In short, the hereditary factor does work at perfect merit system, perfect merit system does work at perfect market competition, while perfect market competition rarely happened in real life human interaction … That’s the paradox.

It may explain why the straight A student unlikely becoming successful as entrepreneur or businessman at real market. Or gold medalist martial artist rarely won the street fight brawl … It’s the complexity.

Humanity is full of shit, as long as you observe human behavior with primary data, not from fairy tales for children, or subjective personal bias. Always prepare for the worst side of human behavior, but act positively, so you will understand humanity better.

One comment on “Hereditary Paradox

  1. edwinlives4ever
    October 11, 2014

    …that’s why there are so many crooks in the parliament…

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