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High Networth

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … He who doesn’t … Pays it.

The ultra high net- worth individual ( UHNWI) mostly derived their income from interest or macro investment gain of bond issued by national treasury. While the glossy magazine exposing the profile of what so called as entrepreneur from rags to riches, without detailing the maturity of their business process. The reader of that magazine and newspaper build theirown perspective, a bias perception, that those who own the company, as the next rich list person, but they just plainly wrong …

Building a “brick and mortar” business is not the same with the rent seeker. From the certain prospect of money growth, the rent seeker will gain a sustainable flow of cash from the interest, above inflation, annually. While if you’re building your own business, the cash flow may reach 15%, above, below, or maybe no profit at all.

You may a high educated person, or a genius rocket science expert, but it won’t make you understand how the world’s system work, in an actual detail, and without perceptive bias.

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