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Nature of Social Science

Social science is more difficult subject than Natural science or Math, because it observes the human as object, and the object participant has it’s own individual and collective consciousness, a complex relation, it’s a dynamic living system.

Human societies are complicated systems involving a vast numbers of variables, for which one is unable to write any sensible equations.

Accurate thinking to observe human society interaction is more challenging than any other object, outside human species. It will need accurate thinking to avoid perceptive bias and logical fallacy, especially if the observer is the one who must judge an important case among human, such as financial auditor, private investigator, or a judge.

For a theory of natural science, until we’ ve examined the entire universe, over all of space and time, we can’t really say beyond a shadow of a doubt that there isn’t some contradiction out there, that’s the problem of induction.

This is a simplistic example, but it’s the basic idea behind natural science. The universe continually throws experiments at us, all the time. And any one of them could be the one that breaks the pattern, no matter how carefully we ‘ve observed it and no matter how well your theory has held up so far. Theories are not proven, but “accepted”, with the notion that we might retract that acceptance in the face of new data, and that’s the breakthrough of deduction.

A theory must falsifiable, something is “falsifiable” does not mean it is false; rather, it means that if the statement were false, then its falsehood could be demonstrated. So, under falsifiability, a scientific theory remains a valid theory until it is disproved. It sort of argues that as humans we can never be sure about finding absolute truth, but as long a given theory is not proven wrong, we can accept it.

The application of natural science theory will drive the innovation of human product and service, changing the technology, and it will change the human society, indirectly.

For a theory of social science, we are observing the continually changing human behavior and it’s interaction, imagine the abundance variables we have to define and observe.

Applying a natural scientific theory for daily social interaction and creating public policy will need a very careful due diligence, or adapting a social science theory for different cultural background, with different climate, latitude, and topology, will need many things to be fixed.

If a social theory successfully be applied into human society, changing the culture and their behavioral interaction, it may be called as religion, and the social scientist who became the initiator would be called as a prophet, right?


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