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Understanding perceptive bias and logical fallacy is a necessary skill for a person who place his position as direct investment analyst, criminal investigator, financial auditor, entrepreneur, scientist, natural observer, engineer, or any other decision maker.

If you’re using it for daily small talk, so other people will look at you as badass intellectual, show off your logical ability, then prepare for losing many friends. Most people are social creature, and social life means more stupidity of emotional attachment than smartness of logical connection.

Even Clark need glass, Bruce using mask, Banner is skinny, and who the hell are you showing off your special ability? Kim Kardashian?

Herd mentality is a side effect of civil obedience. Civil society need a consensus of value to hold the ability of the system, and maintain the communal bonding, for every generation.

To avoid herd mentality among civil society, then you may need a mask, an alter ego, an invisible underground network. While you’re waking up your peers, not necessarily becoming outcast alien for them, and they still accept you as a part of decent commoners, like them.

Show of force may work as shock therapy, but in the long run, building the habit within peer groups, slowly but sure work better. But you’ve to be secure enough to blend with the people.


2 comments on “Mask

  1. edwinlives4ever
    November 13, 2014

    And for this era, there is a mask for everyone: socmed.

    Remember that Rohani Syawaliah in Politikana? 😉

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