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The supremacy of a nation’s ruler lies at the purchasing power of it’s currency. The flow of the currency reflected the moral standard of the people. So, currency, ruling class, and religion must be controlled single handedly, that’s the absolute power.

Destroy the currency first, let the people facing hunger, the hunger will drive them lose the moral value, the losing of moral value will drive them fight each other, that chaos will destroy the establishment of social engagement. The ruler will face their own people.

Control the purchasing power of the currency first, let the people create the market, let the transaction happen and the currency flow between each other pocket. Spread the moral engagement, the consensus of value, it will determine the supply and demand of the market. It will keep the tax low. The nation state will stable, and prosperous.

The supremacy of superpower country lies on it’s purchasing power currency.

Not many people understand the elusive connection between currency, kingdom, and the religion. That’s the job of the prophet, the civilization among mankind.


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