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BRICS ( Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) are imitating exactly like what Soekarno and his gang did 1955- 1965, to built an independent financial association between newly born countries of Asia and Africa continent.


1955 Asia Africa Conference at Bandung to initiated the development system, an independent financial system, free from old world money, the faction who started global trading colonialism since 14th century, and November 1965 at Algeria should be held the second meeting, as launching for those regional development bank.

Somebody can’t easily shouting free from colonialism without firm understanding of global monetary and international trading system, right? Shouting is simple, even my grandma can do that, but implementing that idea is another problem, right?

But something ugly happened in Indonesia on September- October 1965, something awful and bloody thingy. Coincidence right? Yeah, right, another joke.


Conspiracy of the elites? No it wasn’t. It was just a simple stupid decent game. You can always use the ideology credo or religion dogma to create horizontal riots between followers, they want to die for the sake of their religious glory right? And some self labelled intellectual hoax, college student crowd, as fierce daredevil pawn, to initiate people power festival, they want to die as heroic young man right? Or some short sighted young officer to create friendly fire between military faction. As always right? Yeah, right.

Play the game, don’t let the game play you. Understand the game, so nobody will fucking your damn good idea for your own people, anymore.

No more blind leader to be followed by blind people anymore please…

And, so sorry Mr. Putin, my first president Mr. Soekarno was more handsome than you, unfortunately. So please put on your clothes, okay? Thank you


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