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I think there should be a bold distinction between “sounding” and “reading” the holy scripture. In our society, there are no clear definition of “literate enough” qualification into the holy text.

People here, in Indonesia, call “sounding” the text, as “reading” the text, without any requirement to understand the context behind those text, or even the translation of the text, so weird culture.

Even if we’re writing/ talking in English language, our brain should think in English too, not in Indonesian or Javanese language, because it will be hard for my brain to processing the translation by memorizing words in bilingual, trilingual, or quadrilingual, it will consuming more time, lack of efficiency.

That’s how human brain works, that’s how human “language consciousness” act, we should think in English while talking and writing with English, no need to translate it into Indonesian/ Javanese first, that’s instinctive, and it need training too, so thanks so much we were created as human kind, not an ape or other mammal. And it should be happened when we are reading the holy scripture, to understand the words, then trying to grasp the context.


As former “muallaf”, I wonder why people love to sounding the holy scripture without necessary understanding the translation, or interpretation? They will learn nothing from those kinda activities right? How to get the benefit of the knowledge if you don’t know the meaning of what you “read”? That’s weird, I’m still wondering.

Math literation or Science literation means we understand enough the formula, the theory, the method, and we know how to applied it into our daily life, and that’s the raison d’etre of public formal school are funded from nation tax, to create a literate human society. It should be happened for holy text literation, right? Or no? I’m still wondering.

There are still many secret of ancient knowledge of human civilization could be cracked from the holy scripture, that’s a challenge though, for a highly skeptic person, like me. But it will require the minimum quality of literation for the text, to understand the context, and finding the message.

Sounding the holy script may look religious and the person who listen into the recitation may feel in peace, emotionally. But that’s still far from the literation of the text, people still call “sounding” as “reading”, how come? Reciting the text may be a handsome act, but literate the text is gorgeous.

So, blame the interpreter and translator, not the holy scripture, the text won’t talk by itself. If you meet a weird and super awkward, or dumb translation or interpretation, beware, you may talking into another mammal, but not a human, yet. Be careful.


2 comments on “Literate

  1. Iman
    September 27, 2015

    You should try … I really recommend this website to teach you arabic in a simple and modern way. Aside of that, there are several course and lecture regarding tafseer and hadith. 🙂

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