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I’m still wondering with the basic premise of our people, outside Jakarta, from their perspective of noble job, that being a civil servant is noble, because it’s a part of the upper social class, such as ancient kingdom noblemen.

Maybe the mindset of our fellow people are still living at the middle ages, the classical kingdom era, when people who worked for the landlord and the king were chosen people, they got the allowance from the treasury of their employer, the feudal lord.


Daimyo and the Samurai

The feudal lord, the daimyo, the raden ngabehi, the menak, were de facto and de jure the owner of the land and water. The people must rent the settlement, and the merchant should paid the tax to the lord. The state apparatus and retainer were the chosen person among the people, the best and the brightest among all.

But the system is different nowadays. The government isn’t the owner of the land and water, they get their budget from the tax, which is deducted from the people. The government pay their employee salary from the people’s pocket. The civil servant, cops, and soldier are the component of state apparatus, the cost at national balance sheet. Here, 80% allocation of annual budget is for government officer’s salary.

Today the best and the brightest will come into the highest bidder, the who hold strongest purchasing power currency, the one who appreciated their skill, knowledge, and expertise, no matter what the nationality.

The government officer are not the classic ambtenaar anymore. Tell that to your parent in law wannabe, wake up old man, we are not living at Majapahit or Sengoku Period anymore.


One comment on “Ambtenaar

  1. Hastomi
    December 12, 2014

    Di desa, dimana perekonomianya belum berkembang: tidak ada pekerjaan yang benar-benar menjanjikan. Menjadi petani pun tidak menjanjikan (iklim, harga pupuk, harga komoditi turun saat panen). Satu-satunya pekerjaan yang paling baik yaitu menjadi PNS –> gaji tetap, tunjangan, proteksi, pensiun dll. Terjamin walau tidak banyak.

    Tentu berbeda dengan di kota yang perekonomian begitu besar, sektor apapun ada, apalagi Jakarta.

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