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Old Trade

The classic globalization had happened since 3890 BC, since the era of Sumerian kingdom, the official beginning of human civilization history ( by academic consensus). The international trading has happened for more than 5000 years, and I’m still wondering some people thought that “globalization” is a modern term, damn it.

The media often calls Silk Road, not so often mention Spice Route. The Silk Road was using land transportation, from East Asia, into Europe and Africa, vice versa. While the Spice Route was using sea transport cargo, from South East Asia, into Europe and Africa, vice versa. When somebody mention Silk Road, it will remind the people with the old China horsemen, while Spice Route, it should remind people with the old Indonesian trimaran seafarer, but unfortunately it isn’t, how come? Silk Road sounds more popular than Spice Route, damn it.


Spice Route and Silk Road

The frankincense, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, pepper, sandalwood, and teakwood were among the commodity of old global trading market, and not just silk as garment. The earth biodiversity map may show you, the tropical archipelago has became the regular main supplier for spices and agriculture product, the climate and the rainforest support the production capacity, annually. There are many plants existing limited only at tropical area

I’m still wondering with the perception of our people, that our civilization came into global trading because the private corporation VOC asked us to join them, how come? That their corporation was far more superior than ours, how come? It wasn’t like that, damn it.

Every nation may glorify their ancestor, they may also write their ( our) own official history, this isn’t forbidden act, this is real politic, half bullshit,and half conspiracy. The politician act as celebrity, as if their crap decision is important for the taxpayer, damn it.

The nature write it’s own story, and it’s much better than any man made history.The human language roots, language distribution, MtDNA genealogy, fenotipe appearance, soil sedimentation, vegetation distribution, fauna distribution, and last, the gold mines, they may silent, never shouting loudly, but they tell the magnificent story, only if mankind able to read it.

Globalization and international trading are ancient activities, sometimes a kingdom floating with glory, then some other kingdom will sunk them, or the people sunk themselves, like a usual organic cycle.

There does the turning tide, damn it.

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