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Time is an abstract, fully deductive, concept, there’s nothing what so called as time. Exactly, the duration of regular movement of things, from the beginning till the end, it create a cycle repetition, and human count the duration of those repetition with scale, we call it as time. Time is abstract concept, only human understand the concept of time, no other mammal understand it, even other primate.

So evolution of multi cell organism species is a very fast process, but maybe human life duration is far too short, shorter than 10 million repetition cycle of Earth revolution, to empirically observe the overall process. 1.10^-5 shorter than evolution duration, compare it.

Human average maximum age: 9.10^1 revolution of Earth
Evolution of organs average duration: 10.10^6 revolution of Earth

Our life duration ratio is 1/100,000 of the multi cell organism evolution, I just keep wondering how could some mankind acting as man of god, demigod, or daughter of god, they mustn’t attend the physics, chemistry, biology, and math at their junior highschool, damn it.

Some highly religious person try too hard to defending their literal transliteration of holy text by sounding it loudly, as if they know exactly the meaning of those holy scripture. While they may too lazy to read the movement of planet, the cycle of cellular micro life, the amount of oxygen at biosphere, the human blood cell reproduction, or simple their own behavioral instinctive act.

My lovely Dear Religious Brother, I know you want to shape a better human society, linear with the advice from the holy text you’ve recited. I know you want to be the authority to control the law, or maybe to create a positive law based on the holy scripture jurisprudence. I know you care so much with human afterlife destiny, to save others from the hellfire, so thank you for your lovely and lovable effort to us.

I feel your empathy toward society, but just don’t be that bloody moronic stupid shit, Dear Brother. Read carefully the holy text, read the nature, don’t just sounding it beautifully but not knowing the context inside those holy script.

Go back to your science and math junior highschool class, or you may pay for private tutor too. Please be careful to act in the name of God, or God’s name will be ruined because of your stupid like a shit act, Brother.

Our life is too short, use it wisely, don’t waste it for shit, truly.

Please “read”, Dear Brother.


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