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Government scholarship for student are deducted from the interest the government’s has gained, by investing the fund at any bond ( debt issuing) from bank, or another country government’s bond. Even scholarship from private company are derived from the fraction of their income from investment ( buying bond), not from operational income, it’s taken from the interest too ( investment gain).

The government issuing long term debt ( bond) to funding their infrastructure project or operational cost; roads, bridge, school, university, hospital, oil refinery, power plant, factories, military operation, etc. Who buy that bond ( debt)? The pension fund management, it can be from the retiring government official, the pensioner, themselves. What’s the trade off? The government have to pay for their “loan” and the interest fee also, so the retired government official will get their allowance monthly, flat value.

In short, the modern human society survive because of the systemic obligation, the older generation buying bond which is issued by the younger generation, to funding the next generation, to build and maintain their civilized world system. The modern civilized word has been built with compound interest financial system. Everybody involved, with or without consent, and whatever religion or ideology you belong.

Everybody know it, we just keeping our mouth shut, because it’s too complicated to explain. If you haven’t know it yet, maybe they just don’t want you to feeling guilty, and they want you to keep your ideal world perspective, about good and bad, black and white, as innocent as kindergarten student, or naive college student activist, Brother. You should say thanks to the silent but knowledgeable person, they won’t disturb a positive hope in your mind, regarding the future of mankind civilization.

That’s the accounting relation between the government and it’s people, the older and the younger generation within human society. But current the situation getting more complicated because the commercial bank is a private institution, alienated from the society, and they have license to issuing retail credit, out of nothing, while the people should pay for the interest. People buying cheap credit to financing their houses, motorcycle, and so on, as a primary need. Some people may thought that compound interest is closely associated with banking loan, they avoid it, while they still afford scholarship and pension allowance, too bad it’s just a similar system.



If we read the moral story from the prophet, and some of his statement, the sin of usury is equal with having sex with your own parents, mom or dad, so disgusting ( please, you can check the hadith). Does it mean everybody within modern society, the old pensioner, the scholarship student, the retail credit user, the common people, with or without their consent, having incest? Literally you can make your own conclusion. But it’s not that simple premise, it’s a complex situation, truly.

Compromising the system cause cognitive dissonance, split personality, for some people. While the others, mostly will choose to enjoy the mainstream, don’t really want to care at all, it’s our nature to adapting the situation, right? Yeah right.

Joining the Arabic thariqah bedouin tribe at Nejed Desert, being a Yamabushi ascetic warrior monk at Himalayan Mountain, or outcast Samin Society at Randublatung, or the remote Papuans tribe at Jayawijaya Mountain, may become an option, if you want to become reclusive, escape from the debris of compound interest, ever think about it Brother? Quite badass cool choice, though.

Joining modern world crowd, the civilized society, with all of the facility and the advance high tech system, is a pure voluntarily act. If you want to live alone as recluse, nobody will hold you, just do it, with all of the consequences.

Some knowledgeable person, who know and understand, having experiences inside the core of the global financial system, may stay silent, and act swiftly, because of the complexity. Just act as usual, join the game, not as the victim, but the player at the equal level. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just a game, play the game and don’t act as the victim.

In a gaming situation, nobody will openly talk their strategy, full of deception, it’s unclear who’s friends or foes, but still, just play the game with consent.

Just stay alive and enjoy the game, Dear Brother.


4 comments on “Debris

  1. ipitpit
    December 26, 2014

    So what do you think the best way we should do to obtain higher level of education without become a victim of debt issue from our scholarship? For some of us, for example myself, to reach the improvement of our formal education without support by scholarship is kind a impossible. So how?
    Thank you

    • Maximillian
      December 26, 2014

      I’m still building the substitute, it’s uneasy, but I’m sure it will work though.

      For current situation, I’ve said the complexity, so I think people may choose which one for greater good.

      Ask to God, which one is the best way, my suggestion.

  2. edwinlives4ever
    December 26, 2014

    The sin of usury is the equal of having sex with your own parents, mom or dad, OR BOTH.

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