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The problem of current capitalism is the lack of capitalism. Nothing wrong with capitalism, it’s easier to distribute wealth with number though, than to distribute the scarce land and gold into the people equally. The game of land and ownership is a zero sum game, it will easily stimulate dispute and war game among mankind tribe.

The problem with account number ( and the volume) distribution within capitalism is the distributor itself, the mankind. There’s some psyche pathology among us, the need to overpowered others, with or without consent, and this is just an ancient pathogenic disease.

Smaller tribe of man trying hard to overpowered the dominant others by monopolizing the distribution of account volume. Yes, nothing wrong with capitalism, but something wrong with the mechanism of capital distribution. What do you call this act? Oligarch? Yeah, fancy word.

The inequality of chance to join the game, and enjoying the number, that’s the main problem, and not the inadequate of equal number, there won’t be equality of number among all people, must be any necessary gap to stimulate currency flow, the transaction.


Some man trying to stimulate cognitive dissonance with language game, fancy words of ideology, and another fashionable nonsense. At “capitalist” society, the capital belong into private system, dominant capital will pooled into people, as private. While at “communist” society, the capital belong into public system, managed by the government, not belong into commoner people. The private people and the government are man, equal mankind, this is just simply playing the language game, and labeled it as fancy “ideology” whatsoever.

At “capitalism,” some people gaming other people, at “communism”, vice versa. Fancy idea of ideology conflict, isn’t it?

Nothing wrong with the “system”, but something wrong with existence of man at this earth. This man made system is easily getting manipulated by our own fellow human, such kinda suicidal act. Ancient pathogenic disease, self manipulating, damn it.

Blaming capitalism will get you nowhere. Blame the mankind who run the wrecked capitalism may shoot the target, though.


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