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” Your Mother was a whore”, Interrogator made a statement, ” Well yes, and my Father was her only client, for her entire life”, Chandra Bose answered those statement, calmly.

Subhas Chandra Bose is an Indian’s national hero, a fierce warrior, highly intelligence, strategic mastermind, elusive low profile person, and the only man at his time, dare enough to smuggling weapon from German, in order to empowering Indian’s people to fighting the British imperialist. His character reminded me with Indonesian’s national hero, Dato Ibrahim Tan Malaka though.

Those kinda statement is a common casual strategy to touch somebody’s nerve, stimulating anger, and distracting them from basic logical reasoning. Touching other’s sensitive part, in order to stimulating their basic instinct is a part of the mind game, and most people will failed from the first punch.

Such kinda of mind game will play the logic behind any language articulation, by saying a statement which is mixed between fact and fiction, and then throw it into the listener, in order to stimulating anger, or distracting opponent from the objective discussion.

It will need several training, to balancing the ability of reasoning ( consciousness) by articulating language, and the ability to controlling instinct, because such kinda sentence will feel abrasive for most person, so their instinct will change, from peaceful mode into mode fight or flight, our basic survival instinct.

At formal school, math and linguistic trained us to minimalizing any logical fallacy and perspective bias. Both kind of subject building our cognitive ability to create an abstract deductive logic, far from reality, to create a brand new reality. While if you were lucky enough to playing competitive sport, such as soccer or martial art, it will building our inherent inductive logic, adapting into full body contact and frontal harsh intimidation from the opponent, quite the opposite of logical part of mind.

Such kinda situation like Bose’s did is quite rare. You may face it at the criminal interogation by the lawmaker, or from the higher authority to testing the candidate’s mental nerve. Most civilized culture educating their member to act politely, and respect the other’s privacy, but you must not erasing the chance to meet uncivilized people though, those probability most likely happen.

Unfortunately social media becoming a brand new civilization, and anonimity revealing the behavior behind our cultured mask. The relatively low risk and lawless universe of the social media, inducing the primal uncivilized behavior of the user, fellow mankind. Flaming, blaming, ad hominem, and any other fallacy does kill, and does effective enough for a trigger happy person to stimulating dynamic human interaction, a drama conflict.

Not all people able to digest intellectual sarcasm and satire, while other kinda people have no limitation to stimulating public nerve, quite situation we’re facing now, a crowded dynamic interaction, and each people has their own biases.

Some neurotic personality may has traumatic memories deep inside their mind, and you have to careful, not to mention any statement to stimulating those tragic memories. A traumatic person may becoming a trigger happy too, they love dynamic situation, but this kinda act is just unintended consequences, their past environment may just too harsh, and you need to dig it up more.

While some kinda person love to touch other people’s nerve without any traumatic memories, they just love riots, such a psycopath socializing with others, you may call them sociopath. and yes they do exist.

For the last person I mentioned above, don’t try to engaged with them, because they love gaming other’s nerve. Beside, the law may catch you, because they will victimize themselves, placing yourself as offender.

Methanol and Carbonmonoxide are effective enough to cure them, odorless, colorless, and cheap. If it doesn’t work, you may using Anthrax bacterium or any Ribosome strain viruses, soon it will cure that disease, and let them losing their life.

Now we need to reduce the density of human population on Planet Earth, from 6.7 million into 2.7 million people, to reducing drama conflict between human. So “trigger happy” sociopath person are quite handsome to becoming the candidate, to be reduced first. This is what so called as advanced level deductive logic, mixed with applied science and math, respectively.

The roots of all problem on Planet Earth is the mankind behavior, if you want to reduce the problems, reduce the mankind.



5 comments on “Nerve

  1. edwinlives4ever
    January 12, 2015

    You could always try expanding Planet Earth for a change.

  2. edwinlives4ever
    January 13, 2015

    href=””>Following the rules of the Liebster Award, I should nominee and link to 3—11 other blogs you enjoy that have less than 3000 followers. That’s rather heavy. I enjoyed lots of blogs, but I never really pay any particular attention to the number of their followers. When I find something interesting, it is interesting to me and whether it is interesting to anybody else never really matters. But, hey, a rule is a rule, right? So you’re one of my nominees.

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