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You need to vote because you’ve paid your tax, and you need to watch carefully how the government using that tax fund, to take care the taxpayer, you! Yes, it’s you.

Government is a servant leader, only if you understand enough the mechanism of currency flow, you choose them, you put them at powerful position, because you need them to serve your life, as a taxpayer.

Democracy will work efficiently, only if the voters having similar risk, they’ve paid the tax. It’s a balance between risk and gain, no risk no gain.

Never ever ask your right before you know your responsibility, and don’t ever pay your responsibility, if you don’t know your right.

The president who was backed by sponsors will owe that much into his sponsors. How do you think he place himself as government leader? By betting on his own money? No! Too much risk for such unworthy position, “president”.

What’s the trade off for becoming sponsorship for presidency? Yes, your money, your tax money, will flow into sponsor’s account, by any legal project of government.

It’s balance between principal and agent, between cash in and cash out, the government is an agent, and you the people, are their ultimate principal.

Forget that fashionable nonsense of theoretical “democracy” concept idea, any fancy poetic bullshit words only distracting you from the hardcore substance of human society mechanism.

There won’t be any equality of vote power, without the equality of purchasing power currency.

Vote because you’ve paid the tax, pay the tax and vote the person you trust to run the tax fund. Simple.


2 comments on “Simplicity

  1. wagenugraha
    January 20, 2015

    Superb sir ., such an enlightment in the crowd of snob-piece of sh*t political information ., yes just as simple like that πŸ™‚

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