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Property law ( Agrarian law reform) is a missing link in Indonesia. Without agrarian property law reforms, you will never be able to accomplish other reforms in a sustainable manner.

Poor people as majority are also more likely to fail as democracies because they lack an electorate as stakeholders, they can’t even pay taxes, so they have no personal urgency to vote for tax administrator, their own government.

Property rights will eventually lead to democracy, because you can’t sustain a market oriented property system, unless you provide a democratic system. That’s the only way investors can feel secure. Investors are the people themselves, the richer part, to invest into the poorer others.

If you have asset, then you’re a credit worthy person. You will join the asset based credit to get a chance to increase your account number, and expanding your enterprise ability. Or as a salarymen, the credit worthiness will help your account breathing monthly, even annually.

I know, most highly educated fellow activist will shouting for “democratic election” for now, at least to hold the supremacy of legislation, against the combination of military and oligarch dominance. But, that’s too fragile and vulnerable, people will sell their vote for money, because they need that money to survive tomorrow morning.

The oligarch tend to picture themselves as an entrepreneur, the media spread the false dream of incredible stories, the dramatic glory of zero to hero, without describing the financial monetary system ( and the cartel) behind that rich kid. A solid system to build a false prophet, nice.

Crowd people are busy catching their dream to be a rich man wannabe, at least richer than their friends and neighbor. A false dream from false description of the media, quite smart move as distraction though. Some people joining best university, and chasing scholarship to becoming elite minority dream, richer and securer than commoner at least, kinda “life achievement” you name it.

Agrarian law reform to open the chance of property rights, but prepare to act as a silent warrior and ascetic lone Eagle. Nobody will respect this act, because not many people really understand how the system works.

People respect you because they understand the matter, while most social system works as a ghost protocol; odorless, colorless, invisible, but powerful and sometimes, violent.

If property rights law is impossible, or improbable, at least steady income within cooperative economic system may heal the wound. But the ghost may don’t want to cooperate easily, do they?

Beside, not many people able to see ghost, right? Yeah.


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