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Economy 101

I’m not an economic expert by training, applied science and math are more interesting than accounting and economy when I was at school. But it seems those border between social and scientific is quite absurd for any survival human being, I agree into some tribal proverb, that knowledge is only a rumour until it’s in your muscle. Any knowledge is functional as means to survive, as long as we know how to utilizing it.

I made this what so called as an idiots guide to understand modern economy, because my friend asked to describe the economy for vocational student. The academic books seem to complicated for them to understand. They live at mountainous area of West Java, quite isolated, almost similar with my condition when I was a teenager, at Lawu Mountain, Central Java.

So I tried to construct this e-book by my own language and perspectives, pro bono. It may contain a bias as a non academic person, so be it. And if there’s some mistake, please correct it, I’ll be happy to reconstruct it.

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One comment on “Economy 101

  1. wagenugraha
    February 20, 2015

    The economic enlightment for me sir

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