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I won’t talk about psychic ability, though I admire the works of Katsuhiro Otomo. It’s not that the phenomenon being labeled as pseudoscience or hoax, no! Any skill or ability don’t need believe system to work, if some people deny believe system, then they should stop to use any currency system a.k.a money, it works with believe system, you have to trust it firmly, and modern people all around the planet are utilizing it, with or without our consent.

As an applied science avid hobbyst, and math enthusiast, I always open my mind with any probability of brand new invention, innovation, or application, though it may far fetched by any daily life, commoner perspectives.

Irrational, pseudo science, illogical, many label may be put on any cultural skills and individual ability of nomad hunters, the mountainous nomad, desert nomad, pole nomad, or sea nomad, and that act won’t help us, the urban modern highly educated people, to learn from them, to learn the possibility, or probability of any useful knowledge for modern civilized world.

So, what are we gonna talking about? Yes, the “Mantra”. I won’t tell how it works, but more about why this kinda act or product, was so famous and notorious among mankind’s legendary folktale. The mantra is the product of language, no other species may maintain the ability of creating mantra, because of their way to communicate or interact not necessarily using language, by human species criteria. And language is the product of our conscious mind, not brain. Brain is the physical, and mind is the non physical aspect, that’s not the same.

Modern people may ignore the magnificent aspect of language, yes because we are too often using it, everyday, we talking to ourselves, and other fellow mankind. This magnificent ability is specialized on our species only, at least until now. The process of building this magnificent ability is so complicated, million years of evolutionary moment, while not many evidence may become our source, not such as any physical things, like fossilized bone or ancient buildings.

Even before talking into outside world, we tend to talking inside our mind, and that’s a language. We think in our language, subconsciously. Even if you’re a multilingual speaker, polyglot maybe, you have to think inside your mind, in the language you talk into other. So the polyglot are called as genius because the processing to translate from one language into others need swift switching inside your brain processor, each text with their own context, and constructing it to producing meaningful sentences. That’s the beauty of our mind, though maybe not many people may know this complicated process inside their brain.

To understand the process of language development, we can do this by breaking down the human language faculty into its component characteristics. In the 1950s and 60s, Charles Hockett articulated what he called the Design Features of Language, a set of criteria that distinguish different kinds of animal communications systems from each other.

  1. The use of a vocal-auditory tract — humans emit noises from their bodies to communicate, and do not emit chemical trails or flashes of light as other species do. ( 65 million years ago)
  2. Broadcast transmission and directional reception: human speech spreads through the air in all directions, and is received by anyone within the field of broadcast. ( 65 million years ago)
  3. Transitoriness — human speech fades rapidly and can only be received roughly at the time of transmission. ( 65 million years ago)
  4. Interchangeability — a human has the ability to both send and receive the same signal. This is not true of some kinds of insect communication, for example. ( 65 million years ago)
  5. Total feedback — a human has the ability to hear oneself. ( 65 million years ago)
  6. Specialization — human language sounds are specialized for the use of language and do not in general have any other functional use. ( 25 million years ago)
  7. Semanticity — human speech signals can be matched with specific predictable meanings ( 25 million years ago)
  8. Arbitrariness — the relationship between the semantic content of the speech signal and the
    acoustic form of that signal is essentially arbitrary (onomatopoeia are the exceptions that prove the rule) ( 25 million years ago)
  9. Discreteness — human speech signals can be broken down into discrete units that do not bear any meaning in and of themselves (namely, phonemes) ( 2- 3 million years ago)
  10. Duality of patterning — meaningless units of sound are combined to create meaningful words. ( 1 million years ago)
  11. Productivity – language can be used to create new and unique meanings that have never been uttered before. ( 1 million years ago)
  12. Traditional transmission — the actual words of human languages are not innate, but are rather trasmitted from one generation to the next via culture. ( 450- 500 k years ago)
  13. Displacement — human speech can be used outside of the contexts for which the signal was originally designed (all kinds of natural language negation might fall under this phenomenon).
    ( 450- 500 k years ago)

So, evolutionarily modern human language might have arisen about half a million years ago. And that’s how some take it for granted ability, language, is not that simple, apparently.

How to understand the transfer of power, sense, or energy by language? Have you ever read a novel, are you feeling the storyline? Able to describe the nuance of the textual narration? Have you ever feeling rage after somebody shouting at you with insulting language? Do you feel the language by context and the tone? Yes, that’s the power transfer of language construction. If you’re insulting somebody with Sundanese or English loudly, and that person keep silent with confused, you may meet a Javanese or Bataknese, he don’t understand the context of that language, having different context language construction may cause the blocking of your message transfer.

Javanese Shaman

By metaphysical perspectives, added with focus, diaphragmatic breathing and rigorous fasting, the power of mantra lies at the content of the language, not the tone of your voice. Chant, mantra, and praying are the products of language ability, something that so complicated to be made.

Whether that language has inner energy, which may has effect into the atomic vibration physical matter, organic matter, or any cosmic frequency, it will need further research.

I’m open for discussion and experimentation, as usual. This kinda experiment will require a high level of objectivity, it will involving the discipline of linguistic, quantum physics, biology, chemistry, mechanic, and math probability.

No need any rational or scientific explanation as long as it works. Let it works, let the people call it as magic or voodoo, let it happen like the work of language system, then find the variables which support the phenomenon. The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Rationality follow function, not vice versa, because too many knowledgeable person, with credentials, but lack of ability of utilizing their what so called as knowledge, too bad.

Knowledge is only a rumour until it’s in your muscle.

Thank your for Thomas Wier ( Linguist), for the explanation of language evolution at Quora.


5 comments on “Mantra

  1. edwinlives4ever
    February 20, 2015

    About Mantra, I think he’s innocent. He never really runs his company. Others run it for him.

  2. S™J
    February 23, 2015

    Ngelmu kelakoke kanthi lelaku. Angel yen durung tinemu, gampil yen wus den lakeni eh lakoni

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