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The social media, may open the huge flow of big data knowledge.Everybody understand it, knowledge is a power. Knowledge is power for the person who know how to utilizing it. Keeping abundance of knowledge, but lack of skills to utilizing it, is just somekind of modern man’s curse.

Knowledge is only a rumour until it’s absorbed by your muscle, not just keeping it in your memory as easygoing smog, smoke and fog. Gathering the knowledge and utilizing it as a know how is continues improvement process, a process of verification and falsification, meeting the inductive with deductive reasoning. That ability to transform a knowledge into a know- how, is the job of any formal school, deducted from tax money.

Nowadays even children may access abundance of knowledge by easy one click, from Quora into hardcore porn, for free. While parents and school may not teach them how to utilizing it, for their life survival. Being a consumer of big data knowledge is so comfortable, you don’t need any effort to digest it, and suddenly you will feel knowledgeable, knowing many things.

Living the knowledge, utilizing the big data, enjoying the know- how.

Hopefully …


2 comments on “Utility

  1. edwinlives4ever
    February 24, 2015

    There is a thin line between knowledge and rumor…

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