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Khidr the Equalizer

Ecology + Economy = Ecosystem

Most of my knowledgeable highly educated colleague, economist, businessman, or salaryman, the farmer, or merchant, even the healthcare service provider, and the education provider, the one who play topdog over underdog, or the rat race player are placing economy over ecology. Economy is the survival guide to endure the modern life civilized world, anything must be valuated and calculated with any standardized currency, anything.

While ecology is unthinkable for them, they have been busy chasing purchasing power, pay for this rent, that tolls, those services, and worry for the future. That currency today will provide safety for the future, at least their next generation.

While my ecology defender colleague tend to become the capital haters, the defender of anarchy tribal romantism, and prefer to joining the pastoral nomaden lifestyle as their guide to endure modern life. They are becoming capitalist haters in the name of sustainable energy cycle, preserving the balance of nature, and provoking the young man to avoid the disease of modern civilized world, the money.

They labelled the money as the roots of all evil, what a huge endorsement for something that actually doesn’t exist at all, and forgetting human consciousness as the main creator of evilish destructive idea.

So, the problem here is the lack of understanding between ecology society, and the economic society. Last person hardly tried to connecting it was Al Gore, with his brilliant ( really?) hypothesis of global warming, and it induced the carbon credit, from industrial countries ( richer countries) to third world country, which has vast tropical rain forest ( poorer countries).

Quite brilliant, because it inducing intelinked between ecology problem and the economic solution, though I still don’t know how far this action may provide real solution for those problem.

For some people who may be enlightened with the bold connection of ecology and economy, may stay silent and walk the walk, because the people who in charge in power may just focusing on economic factor, and it means their own pocket, not their people prosperity.

No wonder for developing country, such as Indonesia, some of middle class level act as if their economy seems fine, though they may not aware with ecology, like a pretty Jakartan’s property building and apartment, with the full of stinky shit Ciliwung, and the slump areas all aound it.

I think I know why some people has built a secret society like a Freemason and Illuminati (The Enlightened Ones), because maintaining the balance between ecology and economy truly uneasy for mankind society.

And those secret society may know Prophet Khidr ( The Green One), as their patron, you know, he’s kinda outcast prophet, even for some holy book standard prophet.

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