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Most of the members of BPUPKI and PPKI were coming from royal families, highly educated, and legally supported from the palace themselves. The kingdom nations before republic were supporting the idea of brand new nation concept, though this kinda action may not popular among formal history. The idea of ” united republic ( from the composite kingdom)” seems simple, though it will need huge effort of follow up to build the brand new nation concept.

Our formal history too dominant with the story of heroic war, to show the huge bloody effort to gain independence, and the popular movie only showing those story. We have to understand the untold story, especially for young knowledgeable generation who must continue this civilized condition.

Kingdom association may don’t hold real political power anymore, they have no control into military forces, but they still have ownership of vast estate area. The transition from kingdom system into modern republic system leave a problem of asset ( land) ownership. This asset will determine the ability to get credit loan, and it will determine the probability of welfare distribution.

Yes, the old royal families may not showing off, but they still hold the ownership power over vast estate area. Even the government of this modern republic will face many problem if they don’t understand this situation. A situation of real challenge, the challenge of unfinished agrarian reform.


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This entry was posted on July 3, 2015 by in Review.
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