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Manufacturing Hope

” Manufacturing Hope” for a nation that relying too much at ” pabrikan maklon” by depending at the low cost salary for the worker, that’s too damned tragic.

Having a manufacturing facility means you have to limit the cost at 10% including the worker salary, and you have to secure the contract demand for minimum 5 years. You need a high level stability of nation to realizing manufacturing hope, politically.

If our entrepreneur capable enough to build such innovative product, then prepare the government budget to buy that product. Let the Military and State Owned Enterprise buy our product, let it become real solid industry, and not stagnant at prototyping for a lifetime.

Even the France and Germany National Defense buy their local Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon, and Tiger copter to help their weapon industry breathing healthy. The Sweden National Defense still buying Grippen too.

That’s simple accounting, even the internet was made by the Pentagon, if you’re supplying something, then there should be any real demand near you, to buy that product. Simple accounting, Brother.

Understand basic accounting too, dear scientist and engineer. No matter how good your innovation, you need somebody to having a demand at that product.


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