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The state government’s main job is settling the horizontal dispute and maintaining peaceful condition, others are secondary. Providing jobs with nice incentive is the private sector main job, any people outside government apparatus is private sector.

So let the people set the investment, it will start business to provide any job with any salary to survive for life, let the society breathing, let the currency move fast.

If the people hesitate to investing as a private investor, the biggest question is, how solid the government may maintain the peaceful condition and settling any horizontal conflict with just? May we trust your bold statement, Dear Executives? Have you done your homework, Dear Legislator ?

Providing jobs isn’t government main job. Just do your job to provide justice and fairness system, and let us, the people investing and consuming between us, so the economy may run and money flow smoothly, among us.

We pay the tax as main source for your salary, and you may use it to buy fancy sedan car and renovate beautiful building too, Dear Government. So please do your job.

For Indonesia, government spending is still significant to stimulate economy, so please spend your budget efficiently, your vendor companies breathing, their employees get salary, and the banks release the credit. Do your job to spending money, Dear.

Maintaining peace, collecting tax, and spending money, what a nice job you have, Dear Government.

Living breathing society is all about trust of man to man, and I still trust you, government’s apparatus.


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