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Rational Myth

Homo sapiens consciousness consists of 80% instinct, and 20% rational-logic, on average. Our cerebrum- cerebellum is more advanced 20% than our cousin Great Apes, Chimp and Gorillas. Some rational thinker may think that rationality beat instinct, and they just totally wrong! Rational ability is not more superior than instinct, not at all.

Our instinct sensing color, odor, sounds, and mixed environment, faster and stronger than our rationality ” defining” any dangerous threat. Some highly educated schoolboy/ schoolgirl keeping their confidence that rationality is much more superior than instinct, may be because they’re living at their imaginary world, the world full of text and symbol, not color, sounds, and temperature.

Bengal Tiger

The more you’re analyzing any phenomena with rational thinking, the more schoolboy/ schoolgirl living far from real life, they’re living inside their made up imaginary world. Why don’t they try experiencing their knowledge? And confirming any man made theory? One life, live it Brother!

Controlling the mass is never using any rational textual literal interaction, Dear. Controlling the mass is about how to control the environment, the color, the symbol, the sounds, and the temperature. Because sapiens are 80% instinct, and only 20% rationally conscious.

Knowledge is only rumur until it’s in your muscle. Some holy men said, ” Man arafa nafsahu, faqad arafa Rabbahu” ( The one who know deeper about him/ herself, that one who know how to deal with God better).

Dear human, we are sapiens, admit it.


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This entry was posted on October 24, 2015 by in Review.
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