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” … Suwung pamrih, suwung ajrih, namung madosi barang ingkang sae, sedaya kula sumanggaken dhateng Gusti … ” ( Sosrokartono). We have abundance of domestic phylosopher like Sosrokartono, with it’s own distinctive majestic value.

Reading Hegelian, Marxian, Schumpeterian, Weberian, may sounds highly educated, or Taoism, may seems exotic, or Ibn Arabi may sounds religious, but believe me, knowing and understanding our closest phylospher will give us advantage to survive in our very own habitat, to solve our own daily problem.

Believe me, our ancestor were not that inferior, comparing with western, eastern, middle eastern, middle western phylosopher. But if our generation now feel that inferiority complex, seeing everything from the outside as more superior by perspectives, well that’s our own problem. Poor us.


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