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Rabbana hablana min azwajina wa dzurriyyatina qurrata a’yun waj’alna lilmuttaqina imama ( Wahai Rabb kami, anugerahkanlah kepada kami, pasangan hidup dan keturunan sebagai penyenang hati, dan jadikanlah kami pemimpin bagi orang yang bertakwa. Al Furqan:74).

Because the very existence of us now, is the byproduct of what our ancestor had said silently inside their mind, while praying. So please pray for the goodness of the next generation of mankind after us, and their descendants too.

Mankind is just living walking protein and fat, if we lose the sense of conscious for being human. Our ancestor’s pray and mantra may be injected into our Mitochondrial DNA, it may reminded us when we lose the humanity value, as a living walking Homo sapiens, who knows …


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