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Philosophicus Autodidactus, by Ibn Tufayl. The spirit of answering curiosity become baseline for medieval muslim society to reach their glory. The effort of problem solving and troubleshooting by utilizing inductive and deductive reasoning, as baseline rigorous thinking method of solid science and math.

When they understand the art of totally surrender to Allah while doing the freedom research, they don’t need to be afraid with jurisprudence boundaries ( fiqh), or losing faith ( kufr). 

Al Fatehah to the guardian of curiosity among medieval muslim society, Ibn Rushd, Ibn Sina, Ibn Tufayl, Ibn Khaldun, Al Khwarizm, Omar Khayam, Jabr Ibn Hayn, and their academia- colleagues. Al Fatehah …


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This entry was posted on January 22, 2016 by in Review.
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