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There’s no such thing as secret, that’s the secret of secret society of the ruling class. The data is available everywhere with diverse signal and form, but few people able to read it accurately, or ignore it.

Every people is bystander, and no people free from bias. Such bystanderism and bias are the vehicle to be utilized at maintaining the ignorance of the mass. The mass is population of person, who has personalized sensation with common sense perception. Such senses are bias, because all sensation is always private, while some people with authority push to generalize the sensation using language, to define and distribute perception.

There’s no such thing as conspiracy, because everybody doing it. Parents to children, government to their people, cops to criminals, mafia to their enemy, troops to their targets, everybody doing deceptions and having prejudice, all prejudice is bias.

My point is, no secret, but not many people able to read the abundance sign, unfortunately.

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This entry was posted on July 25, 2016 by in Review.
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