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What percentage of Muslims believe in evolution? by Julius Galih

Answer by Julius Galih:

Highly difficult to quantify the muslims who understand the principle basic thinking of evolution. The debate of evolution theorist and creationism is quite rare in muslim’s world, at least around me here, in Indonesia. The topic of evolution as means of creation, the hybrid logic seems to unimportant to grasp for most of us, too intellectual and too far fetched from daily life.

But, let me share something, Some of Ibn Khaldun’s thoughts, according to some commentators, anticipate the biological theory of evolution. Ibn Khaldun asserted that humans developed from “the world of the monkeys”, in a process by which “species become more numerous” in Chapter 1 of the Muqaddimah ( Ibn Khaldūn was a North African Arab Muslim historiographer and historian, regarded by some to be among the prominent figures of modern sociology, historiography, demography, and economics. He is best known for his book, the Muqaddimah).  [1]

Ibn Khaldun is 14th century guy, but I still wonder how many modern 21th century muslim guy read his magnificent books.

[1] The Muqaddimah: An Introduction to History (Princeton Classics): Ibn Khaldûn, N. J. Dawood, Franz Rosenthal, Bruce Lawrence: 9780691166285: Books

What percentage of Muslims believe in evolution?


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