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What do the average Indonesians think about Quora? by Julius Galih

Answer by Julius Galih:

Unthinkable. Quora ( and Reddit) is unthinkable for average Indonesians, at least “ average” in my perspective, so it’s highly subjective. Indonesians using social media platforms as media to interact between subjects, discussing about subjects, could be themselves and their life, or other person’s life. Here it is the top rank social platforms in Indonesia:  [1]

To read and write an objectifying any subject or object based on personal knowledge and perspectives need an effort and space processing inside your mind. Such situation is still unthinkable for “average” Indonesians, who prefer into low context language, with responsive or reactive nuance. It’s okay though, at least now our society sense the difference between oral and textual interaction.

In Quora you need an effort to abstract your knowledge and experience into yummy and crunchy written- textual language. Such effort need trained and skilled writer, with some processing space to think what other reader think about your thinking, kinda empathy toward other people’s bias. Why? Because Quora is valued through the style and quality of the content, from peers with above, similar, or below knowledge for certain topics.

So, I never say that “average” Indonesians aren’t trained and skilled writer- reader to understand Quora, but to take a break for a while from social interaction, and sharing your opinion based on your knowledge and experiences, by reading- writing and respecting other people’s bias, is still unthinkable. Interaction at social media is truly addictive for “average” Indonesians, in my biased perspective.


[1] The latest stats in web and mobile in Indonesia (INFOGRAPHIC)

What do the average Indonesians think about Quora?


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